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Cheap Escorts suggested best sex positions for virgins

Cheap Escorts suggested best sex positions for virgins

Having sex for the first time is quite a moment you remember your whole life. First sex is a big deal emotionally for both men and women thus instead of getting into complicated or fancy sex fantasy.

According to top cheap escorts, first time sex means a lot to everybody thus your main focus should be on getting pleasure and excitement and getting it all.

Sex positions for virgins play a great role in turning sex from rough to a pleasurable experience. But there are some tips and instructions that every Escort recommends to follow before having sex whether it is your first time or tenth. These are:-

Use protection:- Using protection while your first sex is necessary to reduce the chances of sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy. It is recommended to use good quality condoms.

Keep expectations low:- first-time sex is not as much good as people expect because their high expectations waste the sex experience, thus it is recommended to keep your expectations low.

Relax:- Stress and curiosity can disrupt the sexual pleasure you get thus relax your mind on your first sex.

Use proper lubrication:- First time sex is hard as vagina experiences penetration for the first time thus using proper lubrication is recommended for easier penetration.

Have enjoyable foreplay:- Enjoy your first-time sex by including foreplay, it also helps in getting better sexual arousal.

Speak your inner thoughts out- Don,t hide anything from your partner, whatever you have in your mind just speak out that.

Avoid forceful orgasm:- Forceful orgasm can cause problems and also it reduces the pleasure in sex, avoid forceful orgasm and enjoy the present moment.

Don’t assume he knows everything:- Get yourself prepared for every situation, and take required material like lubes, protection with you.

Don’t fake it:- First-time sex is remember-able thus you should not fake it rather enjoy and speak out the feeling you get while having sex.

Sex positions for virgin escorts are recommended

Missionary:- Missionary is the best position for virgin or first-time sex, in which girl lie down and the guy is on top. This position is universal and provides the best angles for first time penetration.

Girl on top:- Girl on top is the reverse position of missionary style. As you are on top and in control position, thus you can decide how fast and hard to go according to your comfort.

Sixty-nine:- Sixty-nine position is good for first-time sex as you get full pleasure and sexual arousal without going straight to penetration.

Against the table:- It is a suitable position in which you sit on the table corner with your legs wrapped around him, and you can have sex on different heights and angles according to your comfort.

The other two positions that can be used during first-time sex are cowgirl and doggy style.

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